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Episode 29: Timing the Market

On this episode: We have our news update. Bull or bear case on Zoom. The finance roundtable is about why you should not try to time the market! I will be back on CNBC This week and summer school CNBC show on the 21st.

Episode 25: Student loans

On this episode: We discuss the market and upcoming earnings reports. I also touch on my appearance on CNBC! The finance roundtable is about student loans and how to plan for that.

Finally, our interview this week is with Megan Keyser. Megan is a recent college grad and has a bright future as she starts her career in recruiting. She also has a blog.

You can follow her on IG as always follow me

Episode 19: More than money

On this episode: we discuss the current world turmoil. I also touch on trust and wills in ask an advisor segment. Our guest is Joy Valerie who is a tech superstar!