Month: May 2020

Episode 18: Community Wealth

On this episode: we talk stock market update. I also dive into our company update and talk twitter vs facebook. Ask an advisor we touch on community wealth. Finally, Erica Sergott shares her inspiring story and talks mindfulness. 

Episode 17: Real Estate

On this episode: We have a market update done we discuss target earnings. I also answer the question how much is needed to retire. Finally, we have Brad Sindt Joining to give all the real estate tips.

Episode 16: Health and Wealth

On this episode: we have a market update and discuss economic factors effecting the market. Also a company update on twitter and their new work from home policy. Finally Meredith Lesley, an amazing physical trainer, tells her story.

Episode 15: Get Rich Quick?

On this Episode: We talk long-term investing versus Get Rich Quick Schemes. We have our staple segments Ask an Advisor, Market update and company update. Finally, expert yoga and wellness coach Kirsten Dehaven calls in.

Episode 14: Financial Clarity

One this episode: We discuss financial clarity. We also have our market update, company update and ask an advisor segments. Finally we have the wonderful Alyssa Keil calling in to discuss her work as a financial coach.